Velodrome Programming — At Your Service

Historical Velodrome PosterThe Argyll Velodrome Association (AVA) has released their new-look 2018 programming for all you track riders, including those willing to take an open-minded approach and at least give it a try.

In my opinion, with our city being one of the very few cities in all of North America with a local velodrome, every Edmonton cyclist should take advantage of this huge training resource at their fingertips.

And for those that missed my announcement at last month’s club meeting … our indoor velodrome is soon on its way to full capital financing!! Word from AVA is to expect a capital financing plan to be worked out between the city and AVA. Look for an announcement by the end of June.

So now is the time to get ahead of the curve (HaHa, pun intended!). Build your track-riding skills and experience. When the indoor velodrome swings its doors open, you’ll be ready to ride … or race on opening day!

First Up – Programming for May

This first month, AVA has released a trial training and racing schedule. Programming for June through August will be based on the success of May’s program.

Here are the highlights:

  • All sessions are “Open”  to all members of affiliated cycling clubs provided they have the proper prerequisites. These prerequisites include previous training and/or racing experience at our velodrome, or completion of May’s series of New Rider sessions.
  • The term “ New Riders” refers to a rider that has no previous track cycling experience.
  • All sessions with the exception of  “Open Training” are considered “Structured Sessions.”  A coach will lead all Structured Sessions to keep everyone focused and riding safely.
  • Learn to Ride:  This is a mandatory 4 session introductory program for the New Rider, allowing riders with little or no track riding experience to learn to ride the velodrome, safely and with confidence. This is a competencies based program which will provide fundamental skills for any further advancement. This Monday Evening class is a requirement for enrollment into any other structured training sessions.
  • Learn to Ride  “Women Only”: Local women’s road and track cycling legend Gail Wozny will lead you through your 4 session introductory programming on Friday evenings. Get your weekend started with this unique girls-night-out experience!!
  • Structured Training:  This coached program is the successor to the programming of our club’s own track coach legend, Randy Murchison. It’s designed to give the rider the opportunity to advance their skills and confidence on the velodrome through guided practice. It will be running on Sunday afternoons coached by Edmonton’s 1980s Olympic and Commonwealth Games track cycling alumnus, Alex Ongaro.
  • Elite Training: The next gear up from Structured Training. For those track riders ready to move beyond the Train to Train stage, and get Ready to Race. Jeff Bakal will lead 2 sessions each week, on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings.
  • Learn to Race:  This is a mandatory step for riders wishing to race in Track League. This is a competencies based program which will provide fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to become “Race Ready.” Track League itself is actually a low-pressure fun night of racing. Once you’re certified as Race Ready by Alex Ongaro, you’ll be set to try …
  • Thursday Night Track League!! It’s back on. None of us take this competition too seriously. You don’t even realize you’re interval training. A great way to hone not only your track racing skills, but build your abilities to win any race. That’s a skill to unleash in your road events on the weekends too! And with Track League set on Thursdays, you’ll be fully recovered to road race on weekends.

So what are you waiting for??

You don’t have a track bike you say? No problem! Remember, our club has a full stable of track bikes for the exclusive use of our club members. With a variety of sizes, you’ll find one ready to be set-up just for you. All you need to bring are your pedals.

I have more details for each of the sessions listed above, including contact details for each of the session coaches. I’ve also got a detailed, hour-by-hour weekly schedule I can share with you.

Please reach out to me, Coach Kevin, at Ask me any questions you might have. I’ll coordinate to meet you at the velodrome and get you all set to participate.

Jump on it soon! Click it up a gear in 2018. And get indoor-velodrome-ready before everyone else!

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