April 28 Weekend Ride Update

Let’s finish the month of April with another couple of solid endurance rides. Saturday’s weather looks warm. Sunday may be a bit cooler.

I’m going to be away riding with the Penticton group these next 2 weekends, but Paul Ermantrout and Colleen Malcom have volunteered to be “Ride Wranglers” this weekend. Just look for them to muster around and shout the words, “Let’s ride!”

Saturday April 28 – Endurance Ride

Woodbend Spring RideWe’ll try  Woodbend again, with fingers crossed that the excellent warm forecast for Saturday holds.

And in keeping with the great weather, let’s move the start time up to 11:00am.

Here’s your link to the route on Strava: Woodbend Community Hall Spring Ride

Sunday April 29 – Endurance Ride

No more Spring Series/Inter-Club Rides this year.

Colchester School LoopBut let’s make a loop in the same area on Sunday, just east of Edmonton. Here’s the Strava link: NOT the Spring Series Course.

This course is again about 60km and rolls a little more than the Saturday circuit. It doesn’t have bail-out options. So you’ll need to commit. It’s a counter-clockwise loop.

The circuit begins at the Colchester School (NOT the Hall, but the school that’s directly west of the Hall on TWP 520). Parking will be in the cul-de-sac just in front of the school. Meet again at 11am.

MTB Thursday Rides Begin Next Week!

MTB ride leader Jason Redfern feels the river valley will be ready to ride by next Thursday.

The beauty of the valley is you are never more than a few minutes away from civilization! It’s always a good idea to bring a credit card or some cash for the unexpected. Remember, you’ll need to be have enough food, your flat repair kit, a bell (it’s the law in Edmonton!) and a helmet.

So if the weather holds, his group will be leaving from the Giant Edmonton store at 6:30pm on Thursday, May  3, and head to the trails.

As always, look to Twitter for any late-breaking updates due to weather or other snafus.

Life is short. Enjoy your ride!

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