April 21 Weekend Ride Update

As the riding season evolves our ride start times will anchor. This weekend we still start at 12:30pm. But eventually, we’ll get weekend rides starting at 10am, and weekday rides starting at 6:30pm (note: weekday rides will begin in May). Always check the website for new information.

All late-breaking ride updates will be posted to our Twitter account@VelocityBikeAB, with re-posts to Facebook. You should also note, our website contains a feed of Twitter updates. So even if you’re not a Twitter user, you’ll still easily see our latest Twitter ride updates on the website.

I use the Weather Network app to monitor weather conditions. So if you want to follow the forecast details I’m looking at, please use the same app. If I see a 60% or greater chance of precipitation during the scheduled start time of a regular club ride, I’ll post a Twitter notice to cancel the ride at least 12 hours in advance. I’ll re-check the forecast in the few hours before ride-time, and post any further updates to Twitter.

Realistically, if it’s pouring rain when you’re headed out for a club ride, don’t expect anyone else to show!

Remember: YOU MUST HAVE YOUR 2018 CLUB MEMBERSHIP IN PLACE TO RIDE! No membership, and you negate the insurance for all of us on the ride. Go here to register if you haven’t done so yet: Karelo.com

Saturday April 21 – Endurance Ride

Woodbend Spring RideWe’ll continue with the same details as last week. In fact, this will be the regular Saturday ride until at least the end of April.

Here’s your link to the route on Strava: Woodbend Community Hall Spring Ride

The ride starts at 12:30pm, and will be about 2hrs long. The current forecast shows some chance of rain in the morning, and then a higher chance towards the end of this ride. Fenders and some rain gear may be necessary. Again, watch Twitter for late-breaking updates if the forecast changes to 60% rain around the 12:30pm start time.

Sunday Inter-Club Ride from Olympiette Centre

The Spring Race Series has failed to secure permits from the county. So we’ll again ride with our friends (or make new friends!) in Edmonton’s other cycling clubs. This will be the last Inter-Club Ride this spring.

The start will be 1pm Sunday from the Strathcona Olympiette Center (RR 224 and TWP 520). The ride will be 2 to 3 hours long and have long, medium and short distance riding groups.

Chief organizer Lance Adamson will have post-ride Coke and cookies for all who ride! When you see him on Sunday, please be sure to extend a warm Thank-You to Lance for his efforts organizing the Spring Series this year.

Castrol Race Series

If you missed the announcement at our latest club meeting, inter-club racing is coming together at Castrol Raceway near Leduc.

Remember the olden days of Tuesday night criteriums? Well, something similar is shaping up on closed race circuits at Castrol Raceway. If you’re keen to learn some road racing skills (or test those you already have!) in a closed-road environment, then stay tuned as this event evolves. It looks like the first event could take place Tuesday June 26.

Spring Penticton Riding Camp Next Two Weekends

I’ll be away the next 2 weekends at our annual Spring Riding Camp in Penticton (see details here). I’ll still be maintaining the club’s local weekend ride schedule, but of course won’t be here to lead anything. Please take some initiative, get out, get riding, and lead your clubmates along! Send me an email if you’re willing to take charge in my place. coaching@velocitycyclingclub.ca

For those of you that are heading to Penticton, please also send me an email so we can stay coordinated with individual arrival dates and to just make sure I know all who are coming. Paul told us of a fantastic ride just across the border in the US – so make sure you bring your passport along to get back and forth across the border.

Life is short. Enjoy your ride!

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