Get Ready to Ride!!

Ok, let’s get this road season started, for Saturday we ride!

It’s disappointing that we don’t have true spring weather yet. But good is good enough for us Canadian “Hard Persons” … a more inclusive reference to “Belgian Hard Men.” Think sloppy spring weather in Belgium, with temperatures hovering just above zero. Riders wearing regular shorts, but legs slathered in “Belgian Knee Warmers”, i.e., embrocation!

I don’t recommend Belgian Knee Warmers this weekend. Keep those legs covered in leg warmers or full-on tights. And even as spring does arrive, keep your knees covered until at least 15°C.

Woodbend Spring RideAs mentioned at our club meeting this week, I’ve got a riding loop mapped in the southwest quadrant of the city. Here’s the link on Strava: Woodbend Community Hall Spring Ride (you’ll need a Strava account to download at this link … but hey, you only need their free account to do it).

I highly recommend you download a route copy to your own GPS device. The circuit runs clockwise from the Woodbend Community Hall. It’s about 60km if you ride the full route. However, it pinches back on itself in a few places, giving you some bail-out options if your spring fitness just isn’t there yet. The circuit is relatively flat, and avoids the drop in and out of the river valley near Devon.

Our plan is to meet at the Woodbend Community Hall at 12:30pm on Saturday, giving the day a bit of time to warm up. Throw a thermos of something hot in your vehicle for after the ride. You may need it to warm you up during your drive back home.

YOU MUST HAVE YOUR 2018 CLUB MEMBERSHIP IN PLACE TO RIDE! No membership, and you negate the insurance for all of us on the ride. Go here to register if you haven’t done so yet:

Follow our Twitter account @VelocityBikeAB for any last minute changes. The account feed is also posted on our website (look to the right if you’re reading this on the website), if you’re not a Twitter user. But I highly recommend you become one, just because it’s a fast, efficient way for me to keep our club updated with brief news announcements and ride plan updates.

Sunday’s  Ride

Unfortunately, organizers for Sunday’s Spring Race Series have hit a permitting roadblock. So the race is cancelled this week. BUT, they’ve decided to host an inter-club ride instead for all ABA affiliated clubs — like ours!

The ride will be 1 to 3 hours long and have A, B and C groups (depending on the number of participants) with volunteers leading each group.

The start will be 1pm Sunday from the Strathcona Olympiette Center (RR 224 and TWP 520), which has plenty of parking.

So let’s ride this weekend! Re-connect with your clubmates, after such a looong winter. If you haven’t met me yet, please introduce yourself during any of our rides. I’d love to get to know you better and hear what your plans are for the season!

Life is short. Enjoy your ride!


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