Polar Vortex Got You Down?

Alberta April Polar VortexIt looks great outside! The sun is shining. Winds not too bad. A little snow, but the roads are actually quite dry. Because, you know, it’s a dry cold!

With no real end to this Polar Vortex in sight, our club rides remain on hold. The Spring Road Series that was supposed to launch this Sunday, April 8, has been cancelled.

Lance Adamson will try again with the Spring Series next weekend, April 15. We may have a small respite in the temperatures to help make it a go … but the forecast is still quite weak.

Nonetheless, the Spring Series can only be a success when we have enough volunteers to keep it safe for all of us. If you aren’t ready to race, please help our cycling community and volunteer for one of the April series dates. You can sign up at this link right here: www.volunteersignup.org/B8KDT

Alt-Spring Series on Zwift

In the meantime, for all of the Zwifters out there, club member Dayton Danielson has kicked the Polar Vortex to the curb. He’s organized the YEG Canada Spring Race EH? Zwift event this Sunday at 12pm (official start of 12:20). It will be a handicapped event, complete with Group A, B and C categories. Spread the word to your Zwift riding friends. You can find all the event details here: zwift.com/events/view/53854

Or Plan to Attend the Club’s Penticton Training Camp

The annual Penticton Training Camp will be running April 28 to May 7. At least the Polar Vortex isn’t crashing their temperatures like ours. So if you can get the time off, it promises to be a fantastic week of getting a good dose of riding and climbing volume achieved.

I encourage anyone with racing ambitions this year to make the trip. I’ve been making the annual trip there myself for at least 10 years. The temperatures are always better than Edmonton. The roads are clear and much more interesting to ride than around here. And there’s always the post-ride wine tours to explore!

Here’s the link to the post with all the details: Annual Penticton Training Camp

And Join Coach Kevin Later This Sunday on Twitter …

I’m open to trying a few different methods to deliver my training and racing knowledge. This Sunday, April 8, I’m going to try an “Ask Me Anything” style session on Twitter.

At 5pm for about an hour I’ll be on my Twitter account, @BicyclingBloggr, where you can follow my discussion, reply to my posts, mention me in your questions. So grab your favourite beverage (coffee/beer/wine) and on Sunday afternoon we’ll see where the discussion takes us.

Chat soon!

Kevin Rokosh

“Happiness is a good bike and a good pair of legs.” – seen on a greeting card during my recent trip to Amsterdam.

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