Look! It’s Your Velodrome

You might already know Edmonton has an outdoor velodrome. But did you know your membership in Velocity gives you open access to the velodrome too?

Argull VelodromeYes, Juventus has a clubhouse at the velodrome, but they don’t own the track itself. The city of Edmonton owns it. Juventus is its custodian.

Velocity is one of the key stakeholder clubs in the Argyll Velodrome. That means we can develop our own programming at the facility in coordination with the other stakeholders.

Recently I met with all the stakeholders to begin planning our programming for the coming season. As your club coach, I’m here to serve your training needs. But before I make any plans, I want your ideas about the kinds of track training programs you’d like me to deliver.

Not having a track bike doesn’t need to stop you. The club owns a stable of track bikes at the velodrome for the exclusive use of club members. All you need to supply are your pedals and helmet.

What kinds of programming do you want?

I can think of at least two ways we can use the velodrome: train to train or train to race.

Train to train is a supplement to your general fitness training. I can create and lead a weekly program that gets you safe and comfortable riding the track. Then you can progress to some structured track training for fun and fitness. You don’t need to move on to racing.

But maybe you’re already a road racer. Train to race may be what you want. Your racing experience is missing out if you don’t take advantage of the track for some training. Riding the track will give you a convenient and exciting interval training experience.

And as some of you have maybe heard me say, come to track where you can learn how to win races. On a night like track league, you’ll get four or five low-pressure/low-stakes races, each about 10 to 20 minutes long, where you can take your best shot at launching a winning move. No need to spend 2+ hours in a road race only to mess up your finish!

Tell Me What You Want

So before I meet again next week with the stakeholders to divvy up the time slots on the track, I need to hear from you.

Leave a comment here to tell me the #1 way you’d like to use YOUR velodrome.

9 thoughts on “Look! It’s Your Velodrome

  1. Sounds like fun! I’ve never done it before, so I’d like to join the train to train group with a goal of doing Track League by the end of the season.


  2. I’m interested, last season as I was trying to be more purposeful in my training I found that finding a good place to do sprint intervals was tricky and I got thinking, “maybe I should spend some time on the track” so put me in the Train to Train camp but racing sounds fun too so maybe both?


  3. Great response so far! I’m excited to hear interest in both sides of the coin: train to train, and train to race.

    The logical progression will be to deliver a series of train to train sessions, followed by a move on up to train to race sessions.

    But I’m still looking for more interest and comments. Please keep posting!


  4. Just a quick note from a 57 year old “newbie” who tried out the Argyle Velodrome two years ago for the first time. It was a great experience. I started off with the Intro sessions on Monday nights with Bernie and Randy. VCC has a good inventory of track bikes and I basically had the same one set up for the entire summer. It took about two sessions to feel comfortable on the track but after that it was all fun, combined with some old fashioned hard work. Motor pacing was a good way to push oneself to the limit. I tried Track League on three occasions and for a new cyclist it was a great way to get some race experience. The guys from all clubs were very helpful. You just need to learn a few things about track etiquette and then “hold your line” in the races and all is good. I was injured all last year (non-cycling related) and wasn’t able to go on club rides, track or CX but will be back this year. I would encourage anyone to try at least two sessions at the velodrome early in the season.


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