Attention Velocity Club Members – if you participated in races in 2017 sanctioned by the Alberta Bicycle Association you may be entitled to have a portion or all of your race fees reimbursed by the Club.

Each year, Velocity Cycling Club allocates a portion of the money it receives from its Casinos to the reimbursement of race fees for those that purchase an ABA racing license and participate in BMX, Road, Track, MTB, or Cyclo-cross races sanctioned by the ABA.

The process for reimbursement is simple:

  1. Gather up and make a PDF copy of all your racing invoices that you would have received from Zone 4 (the system used by the ABA to register for a race)
  2. Open the Excel Spreadsheet and make a copy for yourself (click here to download:  Velocity Race Fee Expense Claim) – summarize your race and entry fee amounts in the fields indicated.  The dollar amount will automatically total.
  3. Email the spreadsheet, together with PDF copies of the Zone 4 entry fee invoices to the attention of:  (NOTE:  There is a link on the website under “contact us”)

What Happens Next:

  1. As per our requirement with Gaming, the Executive will verify your participation in the event by reviewing the ABA race results.  The Club is only eligible to reimburse Members for races in which they started.
  2. Once that is complete, a cheque will be issued for a portion or all of your race fee claim (NOTE:  Race fees may be capped for each rider depending on the total amount of claims the Club receives and the availability of Gaming Funds

NOTE:  In order to prepare realistic budgets for the next cycling season, all Race Entry Fee Claims must be received no later than April 15, 2018.  Any claims received after this date will not be eligible for reimbursement. 


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