Weekly Update: May 1 – 6



Get your sprint on! The 2017 Velocity Stage Race is almost here.

Wow, and just like that it’s May! Which, of course, means the the Velocity Stage Race is very quickly approaching. Which also means that WE NEED VOLUNTEERS. The VSR takes over 60 volunteers every year and is the single most important event that our club puts on. So, come on out! There are even positions you can fill if you want to race.

Click here to Volunteer for the Stage Race. 

Besides that, we are also pleased to announce that sign-up is open for the Stage Race. Please see the event page for more details.

Finally, we’re excited to say that Thursday Night Mountain Bike Rides are back in the schedule. They will meet at Giant Edmonton at 6:15pm every Thursday. Please remember to check our club twitter account for ride updates.

Day by Day Schedule

Tuesday, May 2: Urban Hills

Come on out for Urban Hills night! Worried that you aren’t fit enough? Well don’t be! Urban Hills is perfect for all levels. After each set of hills (and you can choose to do as many or as few as you’d like) we regroup and ride a nice easy pace to the next climb. 

Start Time: 6:00pm at the Ritchie Market, 6:15 at Cloverdale Hill

Ride Start Location: Ritchie Market at 6:00, Cloverdale Hill at around 6:15. We will end the ride at Rosso Pizzeria and you are more than welcome to stick around for a pizza post-ride!

Ride Plan: See the Urban Hills night description for more details.

Route Map: On tap this week: Cloverdale Hill, Fort Road NW (a.k.a the 106a Street Wall), and The Legislature Hill.

Thursday, May 4: Sweetspot/Tempo Workout

Come join us for a Sweetspot/Tempo workout that’s sure to get you ready for race season! This week will feature 3 x (approx.) 10’ Sweetspot intervals. We’ll regroup after each interval, so don’t worry about how fit (or unfit) you think you are.

Start Time: 5:00pm from Ritchie Marke, 6:00pm from Colchester School

Ride Start Location: Ritchie Market at 5:00pm, Colchester School at 6:00pm

Ride Plan: See the Tempo/Sweetspot Workout night description for more details.

Route Map: TBA

Thursday, May 4: MTB Ride

The first MTB ride of the season! Remember to bring a pump, tube, tool, and a bell. For more information, read all about our MTB rides here. 

Start Time: 6:15pm from Giant Edmonton

Ride Start Location: Giant Edmonton

Route Map: TBA

Saturday, April 6: Women’s Ride

A casual group ride with the Women’s group!

Start Location: Colchester School at (10am)

Start Time: Colchester.

Details: Road ride at a no-drop, casual pace. This group is perfect for women of any riding level/experience. Please see the Ride Descriptions Page or contact Beth for more about our women’s group.

Route Map: TBA

Saturday, April 6: Velocity Casual Road Ride

A casual, early season group ride suitable for all skill levels. If there are enough people, we will split into two groups. 

Start Location: Transcend at Ritchie Market (9am) or  Colchester School (10am)

Start Time: Leave at 9am from Ritchie Market, 10pm from Colchester.

Details: Road ride at a no-drop pace. If the weather requires, we’ll do some echelon training.

Route Map: TBA

Sunday, May 7: Velocity Road Ride

A slightly longer road ride (weather permitting) that will split into two different paced groups partway through. 

Start Location: Transcend at Ritchie Market (9am) or  Colchester School (10am)

Start Time: Leave at 9am from Ritchie Market, 10am from Colchester.

Details: Plan for 2.5-3hrs from Colchester or 3.5-4hrs from the Ritchie Market. 15-20km into the ride we will split in two groups – from there the “race team” group will head off at a quicker pace while that “fondo” group will follow at a slightly more casual pace.

Route Map: TBA




  • Our Calendar is always up to date, however changing conditions may require a last minute update or cancellation, which will be announced on Twitter. Watch the @VelocityBikeAB Twitter feed for any last minute changes or cancellations. This feed is also shown on the main page of the website.
  • We are insured by the the Alberta Bicycle Association who requires all riders on any scheduled club group ride be a member of the club. Please check out our Membership page for details and to learn about our trial membership.


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