Member Discounts at Giant Edmonton (Formerly Velocity Cycle)

giant-edmonton-picIf you haven’t heard, Velocity Cycle is now Giant Edmonton! All bicycles in the store are Giant only, and as of now club discounts at the shop are still being honored. This means that you will continue to enjoy 20% off all purchases made at the store*, including the purchase of your new race bike. There may be a change to this discount moving forward so if you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger now is the time! The shop is flush with 2017 models for you to see and we do have some clear out 2016 models still available.

Don’t have the cash flow for your purchase up front? That’s fine, an initial deposit is all you need to secure your bike and you have until April 1st, 2017 to settle up your bike purchase.

2017 brings many new changes to the Giant lineup and there has never been a better time to get your new bike. 

*Some conditions on the discounts:

  1. some exclusions apply on Shimano products
  2. bicycle purchases must be of retail value above $1000
  3. bicycle/parts are for use by the Member in a racing or training capacity
  4. you must be a current member at the time of purchase
  5. you must have a membership history with Velocity Cycling Club showing at least 1 year within the past 5 years as a member-in-good-standing

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