Why a Women’s Ride? (And Ride Details)


To follow up on our announcement one week ago, we are pleased to welcome a Women’s Ride into our weekly schedule! The ride will be lead by Bethany McMillan and will meet twice per week on Saturday and Wednesday. As usual, please make sure you check our Weekly Update for all the details. This first ride will be this Saturday at 10am at the Strathcona Olympiette Centre. Hope to see you there! Anyways, that’s enough from me, please read Beth’s open letter to learn more about the ride and don’t hesitate to contact her by clicking here. 


Dear Ladies,

Earlier this year I decided to make road cycling a big part of my summer. I joined Velocity, was set up with a bike and attended all the beginner rides in the spring on Wednesday evenings as well as Saturday road rides.

At first, I really couldn’t keep up with these riders. Let’s be real, these cyclists are training, year round, to gain a competitive edge over their opponents and I respect their efforts and admire their commitment.
So, I don’t want to be the one in the group that is holding them back. I appreciate the ‘no drop’ policy but at a certain point the levels of fitness are so different that it doesn’t seem fair, everyone comes out to get the training and exercise their body needs that day.

This is all to say that my plan is to start a ladies road ride. The rides will begin at the Strathcona Olympiette Centre (52029 Range Rd 224, Sherwood Park) at 10am Saturday mornings. They will be 40-60km in length, this being dependent on who attends and how everyone feels that day. There will also be a meet up on Wednesday nights in the city for those of you that either haven’t ridden with a group before or that want to spend sometime getting a little more comfortable on their bike.

These rides will be no pressure, I would like them to be for fitness, fun and I am holding on to the ‘no drop’ policy where we will pull someone back to the starting point if we have to. I am trying to fill the between being a cyclist and high octane competitive riders. We will still practice good road ride ettiquette and I hope to convince one of the coaches to come out to a few rides to help. This is my way a filling a gap in the cycling community.

Finally, I would like to open a dialogue for anyone that wants to carpool out to the rides, there is no point in everyone showing up in their own vehicles. If you have any questions about what you might need or if you aren’t sure if this is a good fit for you please just send me a message.

Hope you’re great!

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