Provincial TTT Championships

On August 28th, Juventus is hosting the Miquelon Lake Team Time Trial. There isn’t too much information out about the race just yet, but it’s never too early to start planning our TTT team(s). Are we going to win some swanky jersey’s? Pfff, I have no idea. But are we going to have a good time and show off those echelon skills we’ve been working on! Heck yes!


Look at those front wheels! Bronze medal winning 1984 USA Olympic Team (Canada was 14th)

If you are interested in racing on a Velocity TTT, fill out the form below and, if we get more than one team, I’ll do my best to put similar ability levels together. Please fill it in by August 11th.

If you’ve never done a TTT before, don’t fear! Before the race, we’ll have a couple of sessions for everyone racing (or just interested in trying it out) to give it ago and work out some of those kinks.


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