Rundle Mountain Road Festival

We are thrilled to announce that the Rundle Mountain Road Festival (RMRF) on June 25-26 will be a semi-supported club events! This means that want to encourage everyone to travel down together for the event and have some funding available for accommodation (and, of course, race entries). 

The RMRF is a two day, three stage race right in the heart of Canmore. Stage 1 is a steep 1.9okm hill climb up Silvertip Hill, Stage 2 a criterium just out of downtown Canmore, and Stage 3 a tough looking road race that finished at the Canmore Nordic Centre.

We have booked accommodation for Friday and Saturday night (June 24 and 25) at the  Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge. If you are interested in staying with the club there, please fill out the form below and scroll down for even more details about the event.

DEADLINES: Please sign up for the club event before 11:59pm on Tuesday, June 21. Registration for the race itself is available here and closes at 11:59 on Thursday, June 23.

** You must be a club member to access funding for accommodation  However, if you have a spouse or partner interested in coming to Canmore, they are welcome to stay but will be responsible for their entire share of the accommodation cost **

Further Details

Accommodation and Cost

We have booked 2 loft suites at the Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge from Friday, June 24 to Sunday, June 25. Each suite has 3 double beds and a pull-out coach, so sleeps between 4 and 6 people.

The club has offered to reimburse up to $50 per night per person towards accommodation. Depending on how many people are coming, this will either cover or come very close to covering the costs of accommodation.

  • 4 people per/suite – each person will be responsible for paying $37 for 2 nights accommodation after reimbursement
  • 5 people per/suite – each person will be responsible for paying $7 for 2 nights accommodation after reimbursement
  • 6 people per/suite – each person will be reimbursed for total cost of accommodation

We will issue the reimbursements after the race. At the time of the event, each person will be responsible for paying their portion of the accommodation.


Transportation is on your own, but we strongly encourage car pooling. For those interested in car pooling, the plan would be to leave Velocity Cycle on Friday evening and return on Sunday evening.

If you are interested in car pooling, please select the appropriate box on the form and, once the deadline is past, we’ll send out a car pooling email to everyone interested.


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