Bikes on Broadway



In case you didn’t get enough of battling crosswinds at the Velocity Stage Race (which you can still sign up or volunteer for!), we are organizing some shared travel and accommodation to Bikes on Broadway (May 21-23). As always, Bikes on Broadway consists of one of the most scenic Time Trial we have all year, a challenging Road Race, and a Downtown Criterium around Saskatoon’s City Hall.

Bikes on Broadway has long been a part of Velocity Cycling Club’s calendar and is always a pile of fun. I know firsthand that there is no better way to get to know that folks you ride with everyday than spending a weekend with them at a race.

If you are interested in travelling and staying with the Club, please fill and submit the form below. The deadline to signal you interest is Monday, May 16.



The club does not have funding to pay for accommodation this year, however a number of rooms have been booked at the Riveria Motor Inn for the nights of May 21 and 22 at a rate of $89.99+tax/night. Each room has two Queen beds and can be shared with another club member to keep the cost down.

Travel Details

Once you signal you intent to come to the race with the team, I will put together a more detailed itinerary. However, the rough details are as follows:

  • Leave Edmonton from Velocity Cycle on Saturday, May 21 in the morning. Arrive to Saskatoon by the middle of the afternoon and in plenty of time for the start of the Time Trial.
  • Return to Edmonton in the evening on Monday, May 23. We will leave straight from the Criterium, grab dinner, and be on our way to Edmonton.

Estimated Cost

Each club member is responsible for paying for their own accommodation and travel expenses. The following is intended to give rough estimated of what the cost per person will come to.

  • 2 Nights at the Riveria Motor Inn (shared with one other person).
    • $89.99/night for 2 nights, shared with one other person = $89.99 + tax 
  • Shared gas to and from Saskatoon
    • Unknown! To be calculated during trip.

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