Weekly Update: March 28-April 3


The Long Route Group Heading home on Saturday

It seems like we are saying this every week but there’s some more beautiful weather in store for this upcoming Saturday and Sunday!

Just like last week, we will be doing taking look at another potential version of the 2016 Velocity Stage Race (VSR) Course. Please note that shorter ride will NOT depart from Colchester, but will meet up with the longer ride in Androssan. Again, we’ll head for the hills on Sunday and depart from the Acheson Truck Stop to finish off the weekend!

Midweek rides will be starting next week (April 4-10, weather permitting) so please check back on Friday for next week’s “Weekly Update” to get all the details.

Saturday, April 2: Longer Route (115km)

**This ride will meet up with riders that have opted for the shorter route at the Androssan Memorial Hall (26km from ride start) at approximately 12:15pm.**

Start Time: 11:30am

Ride Start Location: Colchester School

Ride Plan: 3.5-4 (109km) hours steady that will include a recon of the prospective 2016 VSR course. Depending on the wind, we will either work on some more echelon skills or a team time-trial drill.

Route MapLong Route (109km)

Saturday, April 2: Shorter Route (65km)

**This ride will join up with riders who have opted to ride the longer route. Please note that the departure is only an estimate because it is impossible to say exactly how long it will take the longer group to reach Androssan.**

Start Time: Please be ready to ride by 12:15pm

Ride Start Location: Androssan Memorial Hall 

Ride Plan: 2-2.5 hours (67km) hours steady that will recon the prospective 2016 VSR Course.Depending on the wind, we will either work on some more echelon skills or do some team time-trials.

Route Map: Shorter Route (67km)

Sunday, April 3: Road Ride

Start Time: 12:00pm

Ride Start Location: Acheson Truck Stop 

Ride Plan: 3-3.5 (105km) hours steady with a shorter (62km, 2-2.5 hour) option available. While we will keep the pace steady on most of the route, there will be a couple opportunities to stretch your legs (or go for some KOM’s!) at designated points throughout the ride.

Route Maps: Long Route (105km), Short Route (62km)


  • Our Calendar is always up to date, however changing conditions may require a last minute update or cancellation which will be announced on Twitter. Watch the @VelocityBikeAB Twitter feed for any last minute changes or cancellations. This feed is also shown on the main page of the website.
  • We are insured by the the Alberta Bicycle Association who requires all riders on any scheduled club group ride be a member of the club. Please check out our Membership page for details and to learn about our trial membership.

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