Bike Parts Needed for Donation to Sister Club in Uganda

Bike Race Start. Mbarara, Uganda

Bike Race Start. Mbarara, Uganda

Velocity Cycling Club has a sister club in Uganda, the TransAfrica Cycling Club, which we interact with in a few important ways. One in particular is to help provide bike parts required for their talented and dedicated riders. Last year one of our long-time members, coaches, and influencers, Randy Murchison organized a parts-drive to gather used bike parts and tools to support the club. The drive was a huge success and it’s clear that we’ve made a real difference. So again, this year, we’re asking for more parts donations to send down to Uganda.

What: Donate your surplus bike parts (see below for items needed)
When: Now! (before Nov 15)
Why: To keep the TransAfrica Cycling Club rolling

Thanks to some generous donations by Marcee Dibbs and Jim Wyley, we’ve raised most of the anticipated shipping cost, now all we need is parts!

Items needed by TransAfrica

Here's a snapshot of what they're currently working with

Here’s a snapshot of what they’re currently working with

  • Chain/cassette sets (6 speed freewheels and 7-8 speed cassettes with chains to match)
  • Road cranks with matching bottom brackets
  • Road bike brake shoes
  • Lightly used jerseys
  • Tools
  • Any other road cycling equipment you can spare
Bike Clubhouse. Mbarara, Uganda

Bike Clubhouse. Mbarara, Uganda

If for some reason your donation is not suitable to send to Uganda it will be sold for cash to help with shipping or returned to you.

Please drop off your donation with Randy at Velocity Cycle, please ensure it’s labelled with your name.
If you have any further questions, please contact Randy Murchison.

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