Cross Camp

We are proud to present the 4th annual Cycle-Smart Cross Camp, taking place August 29th-30th, 2015, in Edmonton, Alberta.

You will receive hands-on instruction in technique and training for cyclocross. Camp is limited to 25 participants, but is open to riders of all ability levels, although everyone must be a member of an ABA club, for insurance purposes. If you aren’t currently a member of a club, you can easily join the Velocity Cycling Club.

Skills covered will include mounting, dismounting, carrying, cornering, off-cambers, starts, bunnyhopping, line selection, course evaluation, and race simulation. We will use video analysis and will focus specifically on skills and technique that can only be demonstrated and taught in person. You will receive feedback and will be able to leave the weekend able to practice and perfect.

For more information, please see our Cross Camp event page.

All the coaches are ready and willing to help you have your best cross season yet!


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