Airport Fondo

This is an idea a few of us having been bouncing around and now it’s time to make it happen.

The idea is to circumnavigate Edmonton and touch on or pass by several local airstrips.  These include Twin Island Lake, Cooking Lake, Josephburg, Namao, Villeneuve and the International airport.  The entire ride will be in the neighborhood of 220 to 230 km if one chooses to do the whole thing.  The ride would be generally unsupported however there are lots of stores along the way to replenish liquids, get supplies, etc.

The date is set for Saturday, August 8.

Start time would be 0800 at Good Earth Cafe on 91 St and Ellerslie Rd. We should plan to be out there for 9-10 hours.  It is VERY important to note that this will be done at a fairly casual pace – less than 30kph.  While it may happen that we have some separation, it would be by mutual agreement, nobody gets dropped and everybody has “fun”.

Here is a Strava map of the route, which you can export to your Garmin.

There is a Brewsters Pub right at the finish and a cold one might be just the ticket at this point…

If you have a friend / partner that would meet you part way to end your ride early, that’s fine too.  If said friend / partner wants to meet the group partway to provide “support” that would be welcomed and certainly not expected.

***If you would like to ride part way or meet up with the ride later, the meeting locations times are…

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Geoff.

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