Argyle Velodrome Association – Casino Volunteer Call-Out

The Argyll Velodrome Association is having a casino fundraiser on July 22 and 23 and is still in need of volunteers.  A large portion of their funding comes from this event, so if there was a time to help out and show your appreciation, it’s probably now. The following options are available:

  • Wednesday 22nd:
    • 1 shift 6:15pm to 4am
    • 4 shifts 6:30pm to 3:15am
    • 4 shifts 10:30 pm to 4 am.
  • Thursday 23rd
    • 3 shifts 6:30 pm to 3:15 am.
    • 2 shifts 6:15 pm to 4 am.
Shifts now available are the following:
  • Wednesday 22nd Chip Runner 6:30 to 3:15am
  • Thursday 23rd General Manager 6:15 to 4 am, Cashier 6:30 to 3:15 am

Let’s help them out with this last push to fill the positions!

To sign up, or if you have any questions, contact Gail at

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