BMX Provincials – Volunteer Callout

BMX Starting GateBelow is a message from Brandie Moller-Reid, the Volunteer Coordinator for Edmonton BMX Association and the mother of two of our Velocity Cycling Club BMX’ers.  Did you know that nearly 20% of our club is made up of BMX?

This year Edmonton BMX is hosting Race #1 and #2 of the 8 Provincial Race series. If you have never been to a BMX race, I encourage you to come and check it out and see what all the excitement is about.  Come and cheer on your little people club members (there are about 10-15 kids representing Velocity!)

We are expecting about 400-450 riders plus their families. This will be a huge event for the track! However, it is also going to take a ton of people to help pull this off smoothly. So even better if you would like to help us out and volunteer a few hours to help pull this off, I would sincerely appreciate it!

I have included a link for volunteer sign up but please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions. Any shift 4hrs or longer will get you a free lunch too!

Thanks so much for your continued support to the BMX kids and Edmonton BMX Association!


Brandie Moller-Reid

Velocity BMX'erNot only does BMX make up a large part our club, but much of the reason the club even exists is to support this youth program; Velocity sponsors these young athletes’ racing endeavours. You’ll be hearing more about this in future posts, but for now maybe lend a hand and sign yourself up for a volunteer shift. They even count towards your Velocity volunteer commitment.

You can find more information about the event here:

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